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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Easter Bunny Cake

This week I am sharing a project I have been meaning to share for a couple of years, I kept forgetting until too late for Easter each time. This year I remembered in time!!

The main thing I want you to take from this project is the method I use to get the look of coconut on the cake. It is a very useful technique and although there are other ways to replicate coconut in miniature this is my favorite mainly because it is so easy. The product is (or at least should be) easy to get at any store that sells paint and wallpaper supplies, you may even already have some if you have done any re-modeling of your real size home. Its real use is to either prepare your walls for wallpaper or to glue the wallpaper to the walls. We ignore that use entirely for our project. We take advantage of the texture and just glue it down to look like flaked coconut. It really is that easy, just glue it down and your are done.

I am pretty sure that I have been able to color the little flakes in the past but I just couldn't get that to work out for me this time. Hence the reason I just painted the coconut after the glue dried for covering the base. It works just fine to do it this way just be sure to not use much paint, it is really more of a dry brush than painting for this step. If any of you do know how to color the little flakes please share it with us so we will all know.

Since this has been a really long and hectic week I am going to close this now, hopefully next week I will have more time to get done the things I want to do. (like writing a longer blog post)

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  1. I believe I have some of that somewhere. Now to find it and try it.LOL I have seen these cute cakes in real life size.