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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cupcake and Frosting Kits

This week I am showing you a couple of kits I purchased at the recent Seattle Miniature Show, if you watched my haul videos I showed them in the second day haul.

I love to buy and use kits to make things. It is a great way to learn things and some kits are just a pleasure to work with. There are some that fall short of the mark too of course but thankfully those are not as common as we sometime fear.

To prep for the video all I did was read the instruction sheet the first cupcake I made on the video was truly the first one I had made with the kit. I have had cupcake molds in the past (both purchased and homemade) but none have turned out as nice and delicate of a cupcake as this one. I really can't say enough, I went into the project hoping that I would be able to make a video that would do justice to the product and that was easy because the mold and tools that come with it work so well.

First let's talk about what comes in the kit. You get the mold to form your cupcake in and it has a lip on it to help you get the liner piece in correctly, you a tool to position the liner, you get 18 sheets of foil paper to use for liners, you the round punch to cut out your liners with, you get 2 paper plates so you can display you finished cupcakes and you even get a sample finished cupcake so you can see what it should look like.

All you need to supply are your choice of polymer clay and some TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey) and you are ready to make dozens of cupcakes.

Ruth gives you some wonderful hints in the well written instructions and there are many photographs to take the guess work out of the process. They really are as easy as they look.

The kit also comes in 1/24th scale and 1/48th scales too for those of you that work in the smaller scales.

While I was at the show I also purchased Ruth's Frosting Kit, I have used a lot of different products in the past for frosting with varying degrees of success. I am so pleased with the frosting in this kit and I would never have thought of this method of applying the frosting but it works so well and makes getting small details in the frosting so easy. I have no idea what the material is that the frosting is made of but it was so wonderful to work with. I decided to go with basic white although many other colors are available. You can also tint the frosting to just about any color you can imagine which is why I went with the white. 

Contact information for Stewart Miniatures:

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The Stewart Creations website has so many other things available for you to purchase also that I can see it is going to be a regular on my shopping list.

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