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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Chrysnbon Organ Kit part 2

Chrysnbon Organ Kit part 2

So far

If you haven't watched last week's video where I start the construction of this kit you can find it here.

This week we are continuing with the construction of the kit, mostly the painted finish and then some of the rest of the construction. I had planned to get all the way done this week but I just ran out of time. The video is already pretty long so it might be for the best. We should get this kit finished next week.

I decided I wanted my organ to look like the ones I have seen that are made of oak, so for that I first painted a base of a fairly bright yellow paint. It looked really scary at that point and even I had to wonder if it was a horrid mistake. LOL But from all the years I have been around the re-finishing process of real wood furniture I do know that oak is sometimes has a very yellow under current to its color. The paint I used was Bright Yellow by Ceramcoat. Any yellow would probably work just as well.

I did do a couple of tests of colors to make sure I was in the ball park before I started. This will help you to get close but as you see in the video I did have to adjust the paint mix in the Antiquing medium to get the color I was after for the top coat. I decided to leave this process in so you could see how I worked out what colors I wanted to add to get to where I wanted to be in the end. As you saw in the video I used mostly Golden Brown with a touch of both Espresso and Bright Red. This mixture gave me the warm brown that I was looking for.

I did go back and fix the edge of the paint after I took the photo

The beauty of using paint is if you don't like it when you are done just repaint it. I think when this is completely assembled and I have the clear coat over it it is going to be just what I want.

This kit is a lot more complicated than the previous kits from this company that I have shown you. I hope that doesn't scare you away from trying it because although it is more difficult it is also a lot of fun to put together.

When I started to put the pieces together I did find I had missed painting some places. I really should have been more careful but hopefully you will learn from my mistakes there. I was able to fix most of the spots so far and the rest I think I can do with just some very careful painting.

Well, since this has been a very busy week I am going to have to cut the blog post a little short. We will be back next week to finish up the organ and then the following week I hope to start playing with the cupcake kit I also got at the Seattle show.

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