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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Table

This week for Trash to Treasure Thursday I show you a super simple way to create a table. This can be made for any size doll just look around for a suitable size container and use the same steps.

For my yogurt container I cut my circle of fabric about 8 ½” in diameter and had just a tiny bit to trim off when I was done. Just measure up the side across the bottom and down the other side of whatever container you are going to use to determine what size to cut.

The rest of the assembly goes exactly the same. Just start with on glued spot and make the second one across from it. Now put one between these two on each side and then between those 4 to make 8 pleats on your table cloth. Now let the glue dry and then glue 8 more times (once in between each of the others) for 16 spots in total. This number should work no matter what scale you make your table.

If you make on I would love to have you post it on the Facebook fan page so I can see it. 


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