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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wall Art for the Dollhouse

This week for Trash to Treasure Thursday I thought we would make some use of those calendars we are done with from last year. It is also a good time to plan for next year and pick up this year's calendar with decorating your dollhouse in mind.

If you don't have a calendar from last year don't worry you can still pick up a new one at the dollar store for a dollar and use it. The regular stores will be discounting their calendars to half price in a few months too so keep your eyes open you'll find one to use.

I actually picked last years calendar with the idea that I wanted to use the art work for my minis. Like I said in the video I remembered a photo of an art gallery that I saw once a long time ago. The art in this gallery were large close ups of flowers and they were just on the stretched canvass. They may have been either paintings or photos it doesn't matter it is the look I am after not a direct copy. By just using something firm as a base to glue your art work onto you have the same look.

For other calendars you might want to use a frame you can either buy a frame at a mini store, online or make on yourself. We made some really cool “antique” frames for a Trash to Treasure a few months ago that would work.

Since calendars come in so many styles to fit into our real size homes and offices I am sure you will find the perfect calendar to decorate your dollhouse with.

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