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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Brookfield a project overview

This week we are starting a new group of videos. I had already planned to put a plexiglass cover on my Brookfield this month but then over Christmas I realized I have neglected the dollhouse so much that it could use some work. So this week I take you on a short tour of the house, we glue a window treatment back in place and do some basic cleaning.

Next week we will start on the track for the cover, I will be doing a very similar cover to the one that I put on the Toystore a few years back. This time I will take more time and show the pieces more thoroughly since that is one of the projects I still get tons of questions on. When I did that video I wasn't expecting everyone to want to see that track piece better. Also this time the track will be lighter colors so it will be easier to see. Also I might have to adjust the basic track piece to accommodate the roof material that is on the Brookfield.

So let's talk about the this dollhouse. The Brookfield is the first dollhouse that I actually completed (well mostly completed there still aren't lights installed even though it is wired)

The kit was made by the Dura-craft company which is no longer in business. The kit was made exclusively for sale at JoAnn Fabric stores and was relatively inexpensive. One of the nice things that this company did was they included enough roofing materials in the kit to finish the kit. You really only needed to buy glue, paint and whatever floor coverings and wall coverings you wanted. I think they also might have included enough wood flooring for one level too but I am not sure. I did add some siding to the outside of the house just because I didn't want the smooth wood siding but you wouldn't have had to do that.

The floor plan is the typical small two story dollhouse floor plan of 2 rooms downstairs with 2 upstairs and a staircase in the center. I did turn the stair case around so that it came down to the front door rather than to the back to make the house look more realistic.

After we get the cover in place and I put the furnishings back in we will do a more in-depth tour of the house. If however you noticed anything in the video as I was taking it out of the house that you want to know more about be sure to ask. I will do my best to fill in the blanks as to where it was purchased or if I made it I would be happy to do a video on any of the items from the house.

Also at the end of these videos we will look at the landscaped board the house sits on too. We will (hopefully) be making a similar board for under and around my Harrison (my large dollhouse) later this year. I have been planning to landscape and finish that dollhouse for a long time now so I am hoping we can get to that this year. I really enjoy doing the landscaping stuff and I hope you will all learn from those projects.

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