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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Valentine Candy

This week I am finally getting around to doing a project I have been meaning to do for a long, long time. We are making some twirly pops and some unicorn pops. These just look so yummy and they are soooooo simple to make too.

I show you how to make them in 1/12th scale for Valentine's Day but you can make them in any scale in any color combination for any time of year. These also come in all sizes so you can work bigger if you like, scale while still important is not so critical, big is okay.

I think the only constant in these types of candies is that we need to start with a white sugar base. For this I really like the Fimo Pearl, it has sugary sheen without being shiny. If you look at the real pops they have an almost pearl look to the white sugar. Sometimes I add some translucent clay to my white (and to the colors) but sometimes I don't. I think with the addition of the translucent clay you a product that looks like the more expensive real candies and without like in today's project they look more like the cheaper ones you might find in the average grocery store. So go for the look you are after on these. I do find that in the Fimo line the soft colors tend to be a bit translucent out of the package unlike the classic colors.

For Valentine's Day we are working in pinks and reds for our colors, with a splash of purple since it is my favorite color and that was what the twirly pop I purchased had. You can use whatever colors you want. This is a good project to use some of those beautiful colors of polymer clay that we buy just because they were beautiful.

The twirly pop I purchased was about 2 ½” in diameter but they come from smaller than that to absolutely huge, so have fun and be creative. The unicorn pop was around 5” long so in 1/12th scale that would be just under ½” (7/16” if you want to be accurate) but again they come in all sizes.

If you make some of these be sure to post a photo on the my joanne's minis facebook page. I love to see what you are making.

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  1. I like these! The kids actually look happy to have them lol