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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Glasses

This week for Trash to Treasure Thursday I thought I would show you an easy way to make either a pair of reading glasses or a pair of sunglasses to use as an accessory in your next miniature scene. I am not sure if you could fit them to a doll to wear since I have never tried.

You really only need two materials some decorative wire (look where they have jewelry making supplies) and something to form the lenses. In the video I used some glass stain paint but I have also used clear nail polish the same way. You can also use a clear drying glue for this. Really anything that dries clear will work. I like the glass stain paint for making sunglasses since it comes in so many colors and I already have several bottles of it since I use it in some many mini projects. The nail polish was something I tried on a whim and it worked great for clear lenses, I am sure it would work for sunglasses too as long as you used a sheer color of polish.

The only really downside to this project is that you will have to mess around with the wire to get the shape correct. Also they tend to give into gravity over time and you may need to go back and do some minor reshaping over time. Maybe a slightly heavier wire would fix that but it would be harder to shape for the lenses.

Just play with the technique and have fun, after all that is what these Trash to Treasure projects are all about having fun with our minis.

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