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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Stove Kit part 2

This week we continue the assembly of the stove kit, by the end of the video we will have all the major assembly completed just leaving the finishing and trimming for next week. If you haven't watched last week's video you can find it here.

You get to see a bit of my fighting my battle with the tiny little knobs on the video and at the end I do show you how to get them in place. My first instinct with these little pieces is to pull out my trusty tweezers and use those. That just seems like the logical way to do this. But.....for me with these tiny pieces I usually end up using the old spaghetti trick. I do show you that at the end of the video so hopefully you won't stop and mess with the tweezers in a similar situation. When we get to the larger piece (the damper handle on the stove pipe, it is of tweezers/ fingertip size and way too big for the spaghetti)

On the subject of the tiny, tiny knobs, my biggest pet peeve about these kits is the fact that there are very seldom extras of these tiny pieces included. I did get one extra knob in the hutch kit which was a good thing because I had to resort to using it on the stove. I think these things probably jump away from most of us and would it really be so hard to have planned on an extra one or two of them on the mold when they were designing the kit?? I again spent several minutes of my time on hands and knees under my work table looking for wayward pieces.

By the end of this week's video we are really getting what looks like a cook stove. I remember when I was a little girl my grandparents still had the old cook stove out in the barn and now that I think about I think we had one out in one of the out buildings on the farm while I was growing up too.

When you are thinking about historic scenes by the way and what time frame a cook stove would have been used do remember you need to figure out where your dollhouse is supposed to be set. In the area where I live for example I know that electricity didn't make it all the way out the the farming areas until sometime around 1940 although they had had it in town for a long time. That's why there were still some cook stoves around the farms in my childhood a generation later. My mom didn't have electricity growing up they got it when she was in high school or had already graduated.

Be sure to come back next week to see how I decide to finish the stove.

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