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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Table

This week on Trash to Treasure Thursday I am transforming the lid to a gift card tin into a cute and useful table.

A while back I was standing in line at my local JoAnn's fabric store. It was one of those days when they were running a good ad but had neglected to schedule enough staff so the line was pretty long. At one point I was standing near a display of little metal tins that were being marketed to hold gift cards. They had a bunch of different designs suitable for almost any gift giving occasion. Being a miniaturist instead of a tin what I saw were Table Tops!! These particular tins measured about 2 ½” by 5” perfect for a kitchen or work table. As the line finally moved on forward I grabbed a Christmas themed one and added it to my purchase. The lid for this tin has been sitting on my worktable in my pile of “things to do soon” for a while now. I was on the lookout for the right thing to use as legs. Several things came to mind but none seemed to fit the modern look of the table until I happened to need to pick up some nails to do a home repair. Just down the shelf from the ones I needed were some nails that were 2 ½” long, perfect for table legs. I grabbed the package of those since I can always use nails around here (20 acres with the buildings and repairs that go with it mean I try to have these kind of things around- or I should have them)

When I got home I tried the nails as table legs and they gave the perfect “modern” look to my table. Since I wanted to protect the floor of where ever I decide to use the table I added some bead feet to the legs.

If you don't have nails look around at what you do have, I bet you can find something to use if you look around.

I tried a couple of different glues and settled on using Household Goop to attach the legs. I did use my faithful 527 Glue to add the beads though.

And before you say anything, yes, I know one of the legs is not straight. Remember how I said to be sure that the legs on your table are straight and if they aren't you are going to be stuck with a crooked leg? Well, I should have taken my own advice. LOL I guess I will be using something to disguise the leg when I eventually use the table.

As far as chairs, I haven't got anything special planned but I think the ones I made years ago on a video (Chair video is here) would work just fine and stay in the theme of
Trash to Treasure project. 


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  1. Great idea! I have just the right nails for them right now!