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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Wall Hanging

This week for Trash to Treasure Thursday I decided to show you a really easy method to make a wall hanging for the dollhouse. I made mine ¾” wide and around 3” long including the hanger, this would translate to 9” wide and 36 or so inches long. In real life I have seen these from really tiny (a few inches wide and about 12 inches long) to huge (a foot -or more wide, and longer) They can be long and skinny or almost square. It really depends on where you want to put it and what the ribbon you find has for a design. As I was taking the picture of the finished project I had the thought that doing these with holiday ribbons would be a really nice (and easy) way to bring in the change of the seasons to our dollhouse. Since we need just a few inches of ribbon and some wire it is also an inexpensive project too. You could even splurge on a few inches of really nice ribbon for these. It is also a great project to have in mind for those of you in the swap groups, it would fit in many themes for sure.

Since these can be a wide range of sizes it is easy to scale up to Barbie size (or even AG size) just use the basic math skills to figure out your sizing. For the bigger sizes you might need a slightly heavier wire (I wouldn't go over 18 ga though) to support the larger size and weight of the bigger wall hanging. It can also go smaller too, again just scale it down to whatever size you need. Smaller sizes many be able to use a jewelry jump-ring as a part of the hanger. In Barbie size you may be able to use a “D” ring for the hanger if you want to avoid bending and cutting wire.

If you want to decorate the hanger you could try gluing on some jewelry findings to the hanger. I think that would be really cute. 

You could also get a bit fancy with the bottom and instead of a straight bottom hem make it pointed and add a tiny tassel to the point.


  1. hey i have a bunch of cute little picture frames for my dollhouse but im not sure how to hang them... is there any way to hang them up, preferably a way that wont ruin the wallpaper?

    1. there are several ways to hang the pictures probably the safest is to use tiny balls of that stuff that is sold to hang up posters in real life. Be sure to use the white version, some times the colored ones bleed color a bit over time. Blu-Tack, White-Tack, Sticky-Tack are a few of the brand names that it is sold as but I am sure there are other brands too.