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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Floor Lamp

This week's T2T project is a really fun floor lamp for a modern 60's style room. I like to refer to this style as Retro-Modern. You know the style think the Jetsons and Seattle's famous Space Needle. Back in the 60's everything seemed to be about space travel and that had a lot to do with the styles of the day. Someday I really want to do a room box in this style.

This lamp would look great in a room from that era or any since then since there are still a lot of those lamps out there in people's homes.

The pole of our lamp today is the handle part of a cheap paint brush. My dog decided to chew on one of my cheap brushes so she did the work of getting the brush portion of the paint brush removed. You will need about 5” of brush handle so cut yours off to the correct length I like how most paint brush handles are this slim sleek shape that was so typical of the 60's.

The base of the lamp is simply a 1” wooden circle that is easy to find in almost any craft store. I buy them in the large bag and always have a bunch on hand for quick projects. You would be amazed at how useful they are in mini making.

For the lamp shades I am using the part of some ball point pens that screws on and off so you can change the ink part. I got mine from some cheap pens that really weren't worth re-filling. I do try to remember to save those also because they too can be used in many projects.

Those are all the parts the only other things you need are a drill, drill bit (the size of your brush handle -mine was 7/32” but you will need to measure yours), some super glue, hot glue gun and glue stick, and some metallic spray paint (I used Aluminum)

It really is that easy and waiting for the paint to dry was the longest part of the project.

Have fun and be sure to post some pictures of your projects on the Facebook page!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Joanne! I think that this floor lamp turned out very nicely! A great way to recycle those pen nibs that we always, never know what to do with! Good job!