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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature End Table

Okay so I will admit I have a slight obsession with nail polish and that is actually how this product came about. I was walking through the store I normally shop at and they had rearranged some of the aisles in the cosmetics area. Because of this I happened to see a display for a nail polish line that I had never seen before. I am not sure if it is new or if I had just missed it. Anyway it is from the people at Maybelline and it is called Color Show, specifically the Polka Dots segment of this line. I went back to the store and found it actually come in 5 colors not just the 3 I had seen the first time. The green one we used (
Drops of Jade) and also one that is black/gray, a purple-pink one, a blue one and one that is an orange-brown. I think any of them would be fantastic for a project like we are making today.

I decided to make my table as an end table but it is super easy to make a dining table with the same method. Just make the stand with 4 of the little wooden spools and use the larger (3”) wooden disk for the top. With an even taller stand it would also make an adorable Bistro table (you know the ones, that you sit on a bar stool type chair) especially with the black-gray color polish.

The table really couldn't be easier, we are just assembling wooden parts and painting them. All the really hard work is done for us and these pieces are relatively inexpensive.

So I hope you have fun with this project. If you make one be sure to post a photo on the Joanne's Minis Facebook page. I love to see what you are making!

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