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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Cotton Candy

This week for Trash to Treasure Thursday I show you my method of making some fun cotton candy. I know there are other videos out there on how to do this, just like with a lot of the Trash to Treasure projects. I do show you my twist on the coloring of the project which I don't remember seeing used this way before.

I actually recorded this video 3 times before I was able to put the final video together and because of that it is a bit shorter than normal. I hope you don't feel cheated by that. I am still struggling with both the new camera and the new versions of the editing software I use so please be patient with me. I will get this figured out, it just might take a bit longer than I expected.

Now onto the project. This is super easy and the reason I decided to do it this week was because of a family outing last week. You see last week I took my youngest son, oldest son and oldest son's girlfriend to the Scandinavian Festival in Junction City Oregon. We had a wonderful time and one of the first things my son's girlfriend did was to buy a huge pink cotton candy. When I was contemplating what project I should do this week I thought of that cotton candy and decided it was time to show you this fun project.

If you look at the Safety Swabs as they are made you can almost see the cotton candy there. They really just need to be fluffed up a bit. Use whatever method you are comfortable with for this. Then they need to be colored because cotton candy comes in such pretty colors. My favorite method is to use the pastel Sharpie markers and then a quick dip into some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. The alcohol dissolves the ink from the markers making it run and become a wonderful soft color. I am not sure if this would work with any other markers or not. I think a similar effect could be gotten by using the “washable” markers and dipping them in water. Experiment and see what works for you.

The cotton candy will need to dry in some kind of rack, either a wooden one like I showed how to make a while ago or in some foam. They need to stand up so they can dry with air on all sides to get a good color.

Have fun! Be sure to post pictures of your projects on our Facebook page, I love to see what you are making.