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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Small Scissors

This week for Tools of the Trade Tuesday I thought I would tell you a bit about some of the small scissors that I like to use.

I have 2 main pairs of tiny scissors a pair with straight blades and a pair with curved blades.

The straight bladed pair are actually sold for embroidery and I bought my current pair at Walmart for under $10. I love them, the fact that they are made to look like the Victorian style Bird Scissors is just a perk. I actually picked them for several reasons other than the look. I was looking for a pair of scissors with short blades (the cutting area of the blade is only about 7/8” long), I needed them to be as slim as possible and to come to a very sharp point at the tip. These are mainly used as paper scissors, if I was doing a lot of doll dressing I would go buy a separate pair just for fabric. If you do much work with printies or other fiddly little paper items for your dollhouse I do recommend that you look for a pair of tiny scissors. It is amazing what how much easier things are with when you are using a good sharp pair of scissors that are sized to the job.

The second pair of scissors I want to talk about are my curved ones. These are an even better buy at around $5 last time I looked. By the way stay away from the really cheap ones and go the middle of the price range on these. I also use these for cutting paper and I can use them with the curve pointing toward what I am cutting or away from it depending on the area I am cutting. They have an even smaller cutting area on the blades (between ½” and ¾”) and again come to a very sharp point to get into really tight areas in my mini cutting projects. 



  1. I learned I needed smaller scissors for better precision but I never saw those bird scissor so cheap. I have to get a pair!

  2. Thank you for the scissor hint - I now need to go to Wal Mart lol (anything to shop)