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Monday, July 22, 2013

Mini Garden Finds

I took the time this weekend to stop into my favorite craft store (Craft Warehouse) just to look around. I am always on the lookout for things that will spark an idea for a future project that can be a video to share with you. I tend to wander in all areas since you never know what might be perfect for something. As I wandered the garden/ fake plant area I came across some items to use in amongst plants (real or fake) are perfect for mini use. I thought I would share with you what I got. I picked up a package of 2 little buckets and a watering can. All of these are made of metal. They are really cute and although a little large they will fit into a 1/12th scene just fine since buckets come in all sizes. I am thinking I might adjust the handle on the one (the one with the red wooden piece on the handle) since it is a bit tall for the bucket in my opinion. I'll wait until I have a place to use it before I decide for sure though. I also think I will add a bit of rust and dirt since they look a bit too new for my taste. I guess it will depend on how and where I use them. The buckets are the following sizes: 1” tall (not including the handle) by top diameter of 1 ¼” and the other is ¾” tall (again not including the handle) by top diameter of 1”. The watering can is 1” tall (2” if you count the handle which is fixed in place) by a diameter of ¾” and has a spout that is about 1 ½” long. 


The other package I got was a set of 3 pair of rubber boots. Where I live we would call them barn boots since that is the primary use I would use them for in real life. I know a lot of you use them for gardening too though. The package I got has a pair red boots, a pair of black and a pair of yellow. The boots stand 1 3/8” tall and the foot area is 1” long. Although I don't think you could get them onto a doll's foot they would be awfully cute standing by the door or in the garden shed. They also have a nice texture detail to the sole so the dolls would have good traction on wet surfaces. I am really tempted to add a bit of mud to the sole to give them a lived in look. 


The bucket set was on sale for $3.50 and the boot set was $2.50, I can't wait to put them into a scene someplace. These items were on sale since it is summer and they are starting to make way for the fall stuff.

There were also other pieces that I didn't get. They had some really cute bird baths that I just really couldn't see myself ever using. There were also several sets of garden furniture (chairs and such) I debated buying a couple of chairs but decided against getting them. I am sort of wishing I had so if I get near the store while they still have them I will probably pick up some of those too.

I have been planning to do the landscaping around my Harrison for several years and just haven't gotten to it yet. I really do need to get around to it maybe these items will be the incentive to get me in gear.


  1. Hi Joanne! Great finds with the boots, and the buckets and the watering can!