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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature S'mores

This week we are continuing our summertime treat by making the s'mores. I am sure the kids (and grownups) in the dollhouse will enjoy them just as much as we do in real life.

If you didn't watch last weeks video you will need to do so in order to get the directions for the graham crackers. You will also need to bake those off before starting to assemble your S'mores from this week's video. We are pre-baking the crackers so that they will retain their shape when we smoosh down the soft marshmallows. If we didn't pre-bake them they would also squish out of shape and that would ruin the effect. It just takes a few minutes to do this step but it is so important to the final product.

Here is the link to last week's video so you can watch and get the instructions if you need to.  Dollhouse Miniature S'more Ingredients

So this week I again start with the white clay (and I was able to get a new package of white that so far is clean with no little weird bits running through it). If you are going to put some marshmallows onto sticks to roast over the fire we will do that first. We start out just like last week except we put them onto a “stick”. I am using some wire, I wish I knew what gauge it is, it is probably around 18 gauge. It just needs to be heavy enough to hold up straight with the marshmallow on the end. I like wire in place of wood for this simply because a piece of wood that thin would be way too brittle. If you are scaling up to Barbie size you might be able to use some thin wood. I have always used the wire when I have made these in the past for sale with no real complaints. Now like I said in the video if you are making the marshmallows to be roasted they can (and should) be a tiny bit bigger than the the un-roasted ones. This is because the do expand with the heat. So make these a tiny bit bigger and place them on the “sticks” now you will want to add some color. Just use the same chalks we always use for coloring clay the golden yellow (ochre) that we use on bread is the first step. How dark you go is up to you. I always make at least one that is chalked in black or very dark brown to replicate those marshmallows that caught fire.

Now we need to make the marshmallows that will go into the finished s'mores. For those add a bit of TLS (Transparent Liquid Sculpey) to your white clay. You don't want much TLS just enough to make the clay slightly soft and sticky. This will help in making them look melted when you assemble the S'mores. Again make these a tiny bit bigger than the un-roasted ones and color them a bit with the chalks. You can just leave them in ball shapes, no need to shape them further.

Now the best part the chocolate! Mix a tiny bit of TLS with your Chocolate color clay, you want the same texture as the last step for the cooked marshmallows. Roll this mixture out thin and cut into about ¼” by ¼” squares.

Now time to assemble. Lay a graham cracker (pretty side down) place your soft chocolate square on this. Add your soft marshmallow, and then top with the second graham cracker (pretty side up) now carefully squish it to form the finished s'more. You can fiddle with the edges a bit if you need to.

Now bake at about 235 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes.

I am sure the dolls are going to love these!

Be sure to check back next week to see part 3 of this little project. 


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