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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature S'more Ingredients

This week's project is actually the first half of a 2 part series to make s'mores. This week are making the ingredients and next week we will be making the finished s'mores in all their gooey deliciousness.

One of the lessons to learn this week is to always start your work with the lightest color clay and work through to the darkest color. This way we don't stain our lightest colors of clay. Of course this is assuming that you cleaned all of your tools up last time you used them.

I also talk a bit in the video about being careful to really look at your packages of clay before you buy them. Learn from my mistake and check the blocks through the package so hopefully you don't end up with a huge block of white clay with little flecks of blue stuff running through it. I hate that I didn't check more carefully but it is my own fault and I really hate to buy another expensive block of clay when I still have this one. I have been able to work with it so far but I am getting to the point where I am running out of clay that is useable. I can still use it to mix with other colors but I am going to have to get some white clay for when I actually need white.

To help measure the snake of clay is my drill bit gauge from Home Depot. I love this thing and I know on the my Tools of the Trade post a few weeks ago I showed you the regular plastic circle template and both items do the same thing. There are a couple of reasons I like having both of these in my workroom. First off the circle template has bigger holes in it and is clear(ish) and really useful for a lot of tasks. I could use it to measure this clay and sometimes I do if it is out. On the other hand, the drill bit gauge has smaller holes and more importantly for this job is not made of plastic. I'm sure if you are aware that raw (ubaked) polymer clay reacts with some plastics. For example did you notice the tray on my work tile that the chalks were in? I left a bit of clay laying on the thin edge of that overnight. By the next morning the clay had started to melt the edge of that plastic. Yes, unbaked polymer clay will melt some types of plastic. One time I saw a video online about using TLS and the person doing the video recommended using the small jars made for cosmetics to store them in. These are cute little jars with screw on lids I got a bunch off eBay and started using them. I only used a few and watched them for a couple of months and since I saw no damage I went ahead and used more. I had a bunch of these little jars with all colors of TLS mixed with clay to use for all kinds of things. Then something started to happen. I didn't check them for a while because I was doing other things that didn't require using TLS. When I had to move them I found that a lot of them (but not all of them) the clay mixture had slowly eaten through the bottom of the jars. I had a huge mess to clean up and wasted a lot of TLS and clay. I threw the rest of the filled jars away and moved the empty ones to another use. Will the clay melt the circle template, I don't know and I'd rather not learn. When I do use it for clay I am really careful to wipe it off completely with a wet wipe right away. With the metal drill bit gauge this isn't a problem and if I am going to be working on a project for a couple of days I feel fine leaving everything ready to go again.

Now onto clay colors used in this project. I used Fimo this week in the following colors:

Marshmallows: white

Graham crackers: white

Chocolate: chocolate

I hope you join us next week when we make some s'mores for the dolls in the dollhouse to enjoy around the campfire. 



  1. Hi Jonanne! Your making of the S'mores look really good and You are so clever to have discovered the drill bit gague and have put it to good use. I like this idea a lot! I also had reviewed an on-line tutorial where the clay artist stored her opened fimo etc. in a tool bits caddy, you know the kind with the metal housing and the hard plastic drawers? Well, the same thing happed to me as it did to you. The clay started to disolve the drawers and so out they came and I had to throw the drawer inserts away. I have though, stored the opened clays in old plastic tubs like the ones that Almond Roca comes in. I first eat All the Almond Roca and then throw in the opened clays. WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER! Everybody's happy! haha!
    I enjoyed this tutorial Thanks bunches and I shall look forward to the final assembly, next week!


  2. hey joanne,can you help me with the realistic meat texture please.bye