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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Sleeping Bag

Since summer is here I know a lot of you are going to go camping and I figure the dolls in the dollhouse might enjoy a camping trip too. I thought I would help them out and make some sleeping bags for our project this week.

I used a sewing machine for this project but if you don't have one you could do this with hand sewing or possibly by gluing the seams.

I had to dig out an old one I had glued into a display to help me remember how I make these since it has been a couple of years since I last made them.

The main part of the sleeping bag is made up of 2 pieces of fabric each cut 6” by 6 ½” and a filler piece of either quilt batting or fleece cut 5 ½” by 6”. You will also need 2 pieces of narrow elastic (1/8”) that are 4 ½” long.

After sewing you will need to have something to act as a zipper. I used DMC floss in a metallic gold color. You could certainly use a different color if you want you zipper to be a different color. This is cut about 24” long to give plenty to work with.

Now I talked about making this in 1/6th scale on the video. I am pretty sure that Barbie and Ken and the rest of the gang enjoy camping too so here are the changes.

Cut the fabric pieces 12” by 13”. Cut the filler piece 11” by 12”. For the elastic I would cut that about 8”.

For the “zipper” I think I would look for an 1/8” wide ribbon or braid, I know it comes in gold and many colors. You will have to be very careful to not twist the ribbon like I was able to get away with on the embroidery floss, you will have to glue the flat side together and then be much more careful when gluing it onto the sleeping bag. You will need about 40” of the ribbon I think. Try it against the bag before you cut to be sure.

I first came up with this design for a swap on one of my groups years ago. We were doing a camping swap and I wanted the bags to be able to be used rolled up or staged with a doll sleeping it them since I had no idea what the different people were going to be doing. I found several directions out there for bags either one way or the other but not that could be displayed either way. So I ended up combining the directions that I found to make one bag that can be displayed either way. 


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