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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Lighthouse

This week we are going to make another type of lighthouse that can decorate either your 1/12th scale dollhouse or your 1/6th scale (Barbie size) house. Since this is a decorative item the scale is not so exact so that is why this will fit in both scales. I have even made this project up as a gift for a friend that collects Lighthouse themed items that really isn't into miniatures, she loved it and it is in her display case with other lighthouses of all sizes.

The base that I used under this project for the video is one of those little wooden shapes that come in the big bags. I think they are labeled with the name “Woodsies” and come in many shapes. I like the ovals for this because it gives enough space around our lighthouse to do a bit of landscaping. There are many other options for the base I have also used polymer clay to replicate a piece of stone (like marble or granite) and that looks really nice too. Use your imagination and make a base that will fit in with the spot you want it to fit. Speaking of this do be aware of the size of your base, the one I used is about 2” by almost 1” so it will take up a large display area in the 1/12th scale dollhouse.

I use one of the white pegs from the board game Battleship, we have the game and it has lots more little pegs than ever are needed. I do often see bags of different game pieces like this at garage/yard sales and thrift stores they are a treasure trove for the miniaturist so if you see them try to get them. Many game pieces will work as decorative items with very little work.

The other items I used today were:

Paint, a dark brown, white, blue and black. The exact colors really aren't important use what you have and/or love.

Clear pony bead
small piece of balsa wood
bell cap (jewelery finding)
red eyelet
small rocks
moss/foam mixture (loose foliage mix from the model rr store)
model railroad turf
glue (I used G-S Hypo Cement, tacky and Elmers)


  1. Hi Joanne! Your lighthouse is very nicely done! I like the way you have used the rocks and built up the light of the lighthouse. Good tutorial. Thank you!