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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Flower Vase

This week for Trash to Treasure Thursday I show you how to turn the lid to an Avon lipstick sample into a cute and colorful flower vase.

Of course you can leave it plain clear and use it that way but adding color is so fun and easy I think you will want to do that too. I used nail polish and glass paint in my vases. I am sure you can find other ways to color yours. I like both of these products because once dry they will stand up to some use. Both become water resistant so you can use fake water in the vase if you want to when you add flowers.

The nail polish has the advantage of being much easier to find in a wide range of colors. It is also usually much cheaper, the bottles I used in the video were all purchased at Dollar Tree for $1 per bottle. Nail polish comes in a wide range of colors. It also dries fairly quickly so you can get the project done and move on to something else. Nice for those days when you have a limited time to craft but really want to get something done.

The glass paint also has some advantages, the primary one in my opinion is that it is water clean up while wet. So if you get the paint in the wrong place you can clean up easily before it dries.

Which is better, either will work just fine so use what you have on hand. That is the idea of Trash to Treasure projects, being able to use what you can find to make something.

Did you notice that I tap (or bang depending on how you look at it) the vase on the table after adding the paint. This will help to force the paint to run down the inside of the vase. When I am not trying to do this on camera I also sometimes swirl the paint by turning the vase sideways and tapping. Just play with it and see what you like and what gives you the effect you are looking for.

You can also paint the entire inside of the vase with a solid color if you want. That also looks really pretty. Especially if you do a few of them and line them up on a shelf in the dollhouse. 


Are you working on an entry for my T2T challenge? This time it is just for fun but if we get enough participation I will do it again and offer a prize. You can read about it here in my Three Year post and see the item you are challenged to use. I hope to see your entry soon.

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