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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Clock

This for Trash to Treasure Thursday I show you how to make a really simple clock for the wall of your dollhouse or roombox.

The base for the clock is a simple flat button, the kind with the holes through the button not the kind with the shank to sew it on. You will need to choose a button with at least a small raised edge around it. Without the raised edge the clear coating that represents the “glass” that covers the print out would not stay put.

So you need to choose your button and there are a multitude of choices of buttons to use. Go to the fabric store if you don't have any on hand and you will find lots. Another source of buttons if you don't have any on hand is to ask your friends and family that sew. Most of the time it seems that I end up buying more buttons that I need because of the way they are packaged. Buttons also come in all sizes making this a project that spans scales easily especially since wall clocks in our real world come in so many sizes. You can easily make a bunch of these in many sizes and shapes at one time and have them on hand for many projects.

Next determine how big the area inside the raised rim on your button is. I used a circle template but you can just as easily use a ruler. Now look for a clock face. I went to the internet and did an image search for “clock face” I came up with pages of them. I decided to go simple for the video but if you find an interesting one go for it. Anything that fits your sense of style.

Now copy the image from the internet and place it onto a word type document. Then re-size the image to size you need (based on the measurements you just took). I like to print off several and adjust the size a bit on them so if I was off a bit on my measurement I will still get something I can use. Print your sheet of clock faces.

Now carefully cut out and follow the steps in the video to finish.

You can quickly fill an entire clock shop with this little project.