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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Circle Template

This is one of those tools that might sit in the drawer most of the time but on the occasions when I do use it I am so glad I spent a couple of dollars to get it. They are usually with the drawing supplies in the craft store and with the drafting supplies at the office store. I know they come in different sizes, mine has circles from 1/16” up to 1” in diameter. I know that some of them have way more sizes and some have less. I find this one to be the most useful of all the ones I have had over the years.

How do I use it you ask? Well, beyond the most obvious of using the template as it is designed to be used, to draw perfect circles of the desired size. I also use it to size everything from dowels to button and just about anything else that is round. I also use it to create the rim on paper plates. 


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