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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Angled Mirror

Remember that dental pick I talked about last week? Well another tool is normally packaged with it that I find to be fairly useful too. What you ask? The angled mirror that is designed to let you see the into the crevasses of your mouth is also the perfect shape to let you see into some of those awkward corners when you are building a dollhouse. I used mine so many times when building my big dollhouse, the Harrison. It was the perfect thing for seeing into the areas like the window wells and under the roof area. Mind you it is still difficult to see those places but the little angled mirror does help a lot. In that house I ended up running some of my electrical system up through the bay windows on the side of the house (after I had assembled everything) I had a horrid time trying to see into those little areas to slide the electric wires and tape until I remembered that I had one of these little mirrors from the package that my treasured dental pick came from. I thought it might be useful someday but when I bought it I had no idea when or for what. I think I had pictured more using the mirror in the dollhouse not to help construct it. So if you do go to the dollar store and get one of these dental kits to use the pick like I told you about before I have just let you know that you aren't getting one tool for that $1 but at least 2. Yeah another time I will tell about some of the other things that come in that same package still for just a buck! Does that mean we have more money to spend on minis since we just saved so much on the tools? LOL

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