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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Popcorn

This week on Trash to Treasure Thursday I show you a really easy way to create some popcorn for the dolls in the dollhouse. This is a little bit big for 1/12th scale but very workable. It also works really well for 1/6th scale so Barbie and her friends can join in the fun.

If you want to take a bit more time with this project you can use your thumbnail to kind of rough up the balls a bit more to make them more realistic. I just didn't want to take the time when I made the video.

Speaking of when I made the video, be prepared for a mess if you do this project. I filmed the video about 2 weeks ago and I am still finding little bits of that foam in my work room. I keep thinking I have it all cleaned up and more appears the next day. Did you notice the little balls scatter at the end of the video when I moved my hand near it? LOL

You will want to glue your popcorn into whatever your dolls are going to eating it from before you try to move it. Just be sure to use a glue that is compatible with the foam. I like a white glue like Elmer's or a Tacky Glue for this. If you have any doubts about the glue and the foam working together test it first. Many glues (and paints) will melt the foam. Best to be overly cautious than to have your bowl of popcorn melt.

This same popcorn makes a wonderful string of popcorn for the doll's Christmas decorating. Just use a really fine needle and 1 strand of a fine thread.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Joanne,
    If you rub both the Styrofoam and your hands with an anti-static dryer sheet (such as Bounce), it will eliminate a great deal of the static and make the pieces much easy to handle.
    Maureen H. in St. Albert AB