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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Flower-Pot Lighthouse

This week's project is a both really fun and really simple. To top that off the item we are making seems to be the “big thing” this year in real landscaping. I say that because in less than one week I saw 6 (at least it could have been more, those are the ones that I remember for sure) posted either links to the idea on their Facebook page or photos of ones that they had placed in their own yards. I did a Google search of “flower pot lighthouse” and came up with a lot of examples to get some inspiration from too. I do recommend that you look at some pictures online before you start your project because you might find exactly the one you want to replicate in mini that way. I chose to make a fairly simple example for the video both because it would make it easier to film (and a shorter video) and because this is meant to be inspiration for your creation.

I looked through the wooden plant pots I had on hand and played with what I had, in the end I choose to use a 1 ½”, 1”, and I think the small one is a 5/8”. Those would be what the packages would be marked, I have never really figured out how they come up with those numbers. For the top I used one of the little plugs they sell to fill holes. After you look online I am sure you will come up with other ideas.

I loved the look of the blue and white lighthouses when I was looking online, they just looked so pretty and calm so I went with that theme. In the end I decided to add the accent of the red on the very top. Since the plug part is to be both the light and the roof I wanted something that would look shiny so I chose to use a silver for that area. Again you need to pick what colors you love.

If you want to know what colors I used here they are:

White (Ceramacoat)
Bright Red (Ceramacoat)
Silver Gleams (Ceramacoat)
Neon Blue (Apple Barrel)
Satin Interior Varnish (Ceramacoat)

I did try my best to get the blue to cover the wood but after several coats and it still looked really bad I painted the pots completely with the white and then used 3 coats of the blue over that to get a decent coverage. I think if I had used some of my Ceramacoat paint in a blue I wouldn't had that issue. In the end it looks good though.

I started out using a different Silver paint but again it just refused to cover even over white (I also tried a sample over some gray paint and it still didn't look good) so I dug out my ancient bottle of Ceramacoat Silver. I have no idea if they even make this any more, mine is at least 15 years old. For a substitute I would recommend the small bottles of brush on enamel paint that is sold for model making, I think the brand name is Testors. You will need to use a brush cleaner with that though because it is not a water based product. It is however the only silver paint I have found that really works other than the Ceramacoat one.

I am not sure if I mentioned what glue I used, in case I didn't it was just regular Tacky glue.

I coated this project with the satin finish for two reasons. I felt that if I made a real sized one I would have used a satin finished paint for both the durability and the look. Also the satin finish will help to hide any places that the tacky glue may have seeped out and left a tiny bit of shine.

I hope you enjoyed this project.

Be sure to check the blog later on this week. In addition to the normal posts there will be a special blog post on Friday, July 5.

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