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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Chocolate Fountain

This week I am showing you how to make a chocolate fountain that I really think will work in both dollhouse scale (1/12th) and Barbie scale (1/6th)

The project is really easy to make but it does take a few days (yes days) from start to finish because you have to let the steps dry before you can move on.

This is probably the first time I have ever went into a video without a firm idea of what the steps were and how I was going to proceed. I have been wanting to make a chocolate fountain for a while and I had a fairly good idea of the steps but I really had to improvise along the way.

This blog post will mostly deal with what I would differently if I made this project again.

First off, I would glue the two parts of the base together before I painted them. The main reason I didn't do that for the video was that I had already painted the lid portion before I decided to add the bowl under it to “house the works”. That part was a last minute addition. So definitely glue the lid and bowl together then paint them as a unit.

The next thing would be to be much more careful to pull that plastic smooth as I glued it to each layer. I ended up with a lot of wrinkles and they do show. I know it would be hard to get all the wrinkles out but I could have done better.

The main thing I would do differently, glue the structure together one layer at a time and allow to dry before adding the next layer. I am pretty sure that is why my chocolate fountain is doing an impression of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. LOL It looked a lot straighter before the glue set up than it did when I came back the next time. I think that was the biggest mistake.

Overall I really like this project and I really hope you will try it out too.

Let me know if you make one and how yours turns out. 


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