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Friday, April 19, 2013

Trash to Treasure Thursdays

I am really excited to announce a new feature on this site. I have been collecting ideas and making projects up to bring you Trash to Treasure Thursdays. From now on (at least until I run out of ideas so keep them coming) I will be posting a video and blog featuring a trash to treasure project every Thursday morning.

What is a trash to treasure (T2T) project you ask? Well, the way I am defining it for this feature it is a project that uses an item or items that would normally be thrown away to create a simple item to use in our dollhouse. Or sometimes just a tiny bit of a craft item, maybe something that is leftover from another project. I am going to stick to really easy projects for the Thursday video/ blog so they will be shorter videos than I normally present on Sunday mornings. I will save the more complicated T2T projects for Sundays just like always.

There are several things about these projects that I love. First off they are wonderful for beginners to work on. Also they are minimal cost, I will do my best to stick with craft items that are fairly common so hopefully most of us will have what we need to make the project immediately. Most of these will be projects that kids can do. Although some will require more supervision than others but all will be really simple.

So if you have some T2T projects that you would like to suggest let me know. If you have an item that you have saved and can't figure out what to do with it, let me know that too and I will do my best to make something out of it.

See you on Thursday!!!


  1. I have an idea about making a toothpaste bottle out of a drinking straw seeled with a stratning ironon the end but could not figure out how to make a cap on the bottle any suggestion please do a video on this if u come up with a solution

  2. This will be a wonderful T2T project. I'll be very happy to follow your tutorials.
    Thanks and a mini hug, Drora