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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Moses Basket

Watch  the video here.

I love making these little baby baskets, they are pretty easy and are just so darn cute when you get them done. By using the mono weave needlepoint canvas it looks like you have gone to a bunch of work and no one needs to know how easy the project is. 

If you are not familiar with what these look like go to your favorite search engine and look up some images of the real thing.  Before my oldest son was born I wanted one of these baskets so badly. I told every one that I wanted one but not a single person bought me one. So now I like to make them in miniature so all the mini new  moms will have one. LOL

If you have a baby doll measure the doll against the bottle you want to use as a form. I find that a shampoo bottle usually about the correct size.

I know some of the directions I have seen in the past for these baskets just wet the canvas and form them over the mold. I have tried them that way and I really wasn’t happy with the results. First they really don’t hold up very well, they seem to loose their shape in wet weather. Also the glue mixture seals the canvas so you don’t have to worry about the canvas unraveling (and this stuff really likes to unravel)

Sometimes I can get the braid to go onto the top edge of the basket but some days it just won’t cooperate. The day I made the video was one of the not cooperating days. LOL It really doesn’t matter and the braid looks just as well going around the top outside edge as it does on the very top.

Do have something on hand to clamp the edge while it dries and to clamp the handles when the time comes to glue them on.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Joanne,
    Wonderful basket and so simple to make it. I love your video. It's so clear how to make something. Thanks again for sharing.
    Hugs Dorien