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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Beef Roast

This week I am showing you how to make a mini beef roast for the dolls in your dollhouse out of polymer clay. I prefer to use Fimo for this project because the both the colors and the texture work out better. Today I had to substitute Premo for one of the colors and that make the clay mixture much softer and more difficult to work with.

The colors I used today were:

raw meat mixture:
Fimo white (1 part)
Fimo translucent (1 part)
Fimo red (1 part)
Premo Sienna (almost 1 part, just enough to make the correct color, I prefer to use Fimo Terracotta)

Fat mixture
Fimo White (1 part)
Fimo Translucent (3 parts)

If my clay had been firmer it would have been much easier to split the cane to add the layer of fat running through the roast. The idea is to just start the cut with your knife and then tear the clay apart. You want this cut to rough and natural looking not a straight cut like it was made with a knife.

If you are going to display your roast on/in a specific pan or board make the roast to fit. That way it will look right when you are done. I just wanted to display mine on the foam tray with the plastic wrapping but you can display yours in so many ways.


  1. Hi Joanne! I think your roast beef looks very very good! I like the way that you have tied it and also the way that you have added the fat! Great results!


  2. it's really good and I like the kitchen too you can almost hear the water running in the sink

    marisa :)