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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Art Glass

The Facebook fans voted for the first installment of Trash to Treasure Thursday, out of the first 5 videos I have ready this is the one they wanted to see first!

Watch  the video here.

This week's Trash to Treasure project is some art glass. This idea was discussed on a couple of the online mini groups I belong to a few years ago and it is so much fun to do. Since we are working with an open flame this is definitly not a project for the kids to do unsupervised but with proper supervision I think it should be fine. That is for a responsible adult to decide.

The art glass we are trying to replicate is like the stuff you might see in a museum or in the lobby of a nice hotel. Here is a link to some online examples of this type of art glass.

Since the city of Seattle is home to one of the best (at least I think he is) artists in this field we see lots of this type of art glass when we visit the Seattle area. There are pieces for sale in lots of places and some are priced so that a normal tourist or collector could bring an example home with them. This makes this project a fun one in miniature because you can display your finished creation either in your dollhouse or make a mini museum or art fair for it to be on display. Now that I think about it an art fair might me a fun mini project for my “someday” list..... (Just what I need, more projects on that list LOL)

The plastic used in this project is the stuff that so many things we eat seem to be packaged in lately. I got both grapes and cherry tomatoes in this packaging on a recent trip to the store. It is also common in the deli department. We need the clear stuff that is fairly sturdy. I have found the part of the container that has ridges on it gives some fun results, so use all parts you can.

I always use the Sharpie brand pens for this project, I have no idea what other pen types would do. I love Sharpie pens anyway they are handy to have around the craft room and come in so many wonderful colors anymore. You can buy them individually and get just the colors you want or what I do is watch for the big sets of them to come on sale. The color will be intensified by the heating/melting process so even the colors that barely show when you put them on the plastic will show up nicely on the finished piece.

I always work with a small bowl of water on my work surface when doing this project. First the plastic does catch fire pretty easily and a quick dunk in the water will put it out. Sometimes you can even use the piece if you dunk it fast enough. Also I like to cool the pieces immediately so I drop them into the water to do this quickly. I find they hold their shape better and don't droop while cooling this way. I have also gotten some really neat textural effects by re-heating the wet pieces, the water and ink sometimes work together and bubble a bit. It doesn't always happen but when it does it can be very pretty.

After I finished filming I experimented with cutting some pieces into different shapes and you can see the results in the photos at the end of this post.

Just have fun with this project and let the plastic and heat work their magic to create some really pretty minis. 


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