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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Sugar Eggs

I decided to stay with the Easter theme for one more week and make some sugar eggs to decorate your dollhouse. These are a bit more difficult than some of my other projects mainly because they are so fragile. If you want to have a certain number of these I recommend that you make extras in case you do break some.

The wet tissue paper that I use as the core for these does pose a problem with the clay. Water and polymer clay really don't get along at all. I did have a lot of problems getting the clay to form over the paper core but if you are persistent you can make it work. Be sure to cut an opening in you eggs before you bake them. You need this opening for at least two reasons, number one being you need to be able to pull that paper back out once the eggs are baked. Just as importantly you need to have a way for any steam that forms from the damp paper in the warm oven.

When you are removing the paper bits you will need to be very patient if you made the core tight enough for the clay to work with it is going to be a bit tough to remove. Also the walls of the egg shape are thin and fragile. Just take your time, think through the steps and if you have trouble take a break and come back.

Once the paper is out you need to coat the eggs with a thin white glue. This is not the place to use tacky glue, that would be too thick and would not look as delicate. Just use a cheap white glue of any kind, something that dries clear.

The glitter should be an ultra-fine white type so it will have the look of the sugar the real eggs are made of.

Let the glue/glitter coat dry completely before you start to decorate and then let you imagination go wild. Look online for some ideas if you need to because some of the real sugar eggs are incredible. When I was in grade school the mom of one of my best friends used to make these every year (the real size ones) and I was always fascinated by them. She would make dozens every year and I loved to visit their house near Easter when she was working on them just so I could look at them. 


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  1. Another great project. You could try using Play Doh in place of the tissue to make the base form. You can soak it in water after the clay is baked, the Play Doh will melt away. I've seen hollow beads made this way.