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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Ring Toss Game

This week I decided to show you how to make a fun game for your dollhouse family. Since the basic ring toss game has been around since at least the Victorian era you can use this in many dollhouse settings. You could even “grunge it up” and make it look like an antique.

I do need to give credit to my friend Alicia and her blog for the inspiration. I happened to see that she had made some ring toss games for her project and it reminded me that I haven't made any for a long time. It is a really fun project that I always enjoy making. Thanks you Alicia!!!

This project would be really easy to scale up for Barbie and her friends. I think I would keep the same base, use a 1/16” dowel for the upright part (probably top it with a small bead for decoration) and pick a larger size ring.

If you have 18” dolls I am sure this would be fun to make for them too, again just scale up. For the upright I think I would use an 1/8” dowel and go from there. The base would have to be bigger too, maybe about 2” in diameter.

I would love to see what you do with this project and any others you do from my videos. Feel free to post the photos on the Facebook Fan page. If you have a blog let me know too.


  1. thanks for the credit, it was fun to make.

  2. I was so happy to include you in the post, that's a hot link to your page too so hopefully people will check out your projects.

  3. I like to see minis in action. The kids are cute playing this game. I have stuff I can use for it...thanks for the tip!