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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Cinnamon Rolls

This week I decided to show you how to make cinnamon rolls in miniature. This is a super easy project to make and would be really easy to make in any scale you desire. My best advice for changing scale is to work with the doll of the correct scale next to you. Compare the cinnamon roll you are making with the size of the doll's hand. This for me works better than measuring and is certainly easier.

For the filling I use a mixture of TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey) and chalk (in a cinnamon color) try not to mix the chalk into the TLS to thoroughly you want to see some of variation of color and texture in the filling. I did end up using a mix of 2 colors of chalk because the red-brown one was too red and the brown was too brown. Experiment with the chalk you have to get the correct color.

Always have some wet wipes on hand when you are working with chalks and white clay. The smallest bit of chalk in the wrong place can ruin a big chunk of clay. It always amazes me how far the chalk can spread when I work with it. Better to be prepared with the wet wipe and not need them than to make a mess and have to discard your hard work and expensive clay.

I know on some tutorials I have seen in the past a brown color clay was used as the filling and rolled up with the white color. The problem with this method is the filling layer is just too thick. Think about how the real cinnamon roll looks. Even better, have a cinnamon roll in front of you when you make this. There really is nothing like having a real life model to help you get the details right. Besides, you can reward yourself when you are done with the cinnamon roll. LOL

One of the little details that many people miss on this type of project is to use a sharp point (I used my dental pick) to gently pull the layers apart after the rolls are cut. This allows them to get a bit of space and goes a long way to making them look more real.

For the icing on the rolls I used some scribbles fabric paint, I like this product for a lot of uses. You might have to add more than one layer, remember to build the layers slowly and allow the product to dry between layers. Also it is really important to check the flow of the paint on your work tile (or other surface) don't go directly to your project. If there is an air bubble in the bottle you could get a big mess.

The fabric paints do mix well too so you can mix just the right color to get the icing color you want. 


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