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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fried Eggs for the Dollhouse

This week I am continuing on the breakfast theme with some fried eggs. These are the typical “Sunny Side Up” eggs that my dad loved to eat for his breakfast. In real life they can be kind of tricky to get them cooked just so but, in mini they really couldn't be easier.

In my opinion these fried eggs are probably the easiest food item I have ever demonstrated for you (hence the short length of the video) but at the same time one of the coolest when finished.

You only need 3 colors of clay (white, translucent, and a golden yellow) I used Fimo but any brand would work for these. The only other material you will need is some clear glass paint, I used Gallery Glass because that is what I have and I know how it works.

Since we are coating the cooked clay with the glass paint I cooked the eggs on a tile. I find that when I cook my foods on a paper plate and then coat with the glass paint the paper from the plate sticks to the dried paint and makes a mess. I really dislike baking on the tile but it is just easier for this project.

Since these are so easy they would also be really easy to re-size to another scale. Just work up or down in size.

One tip, don't make the balls of white/translucent clay to perfect, you want the egg white to have an interesting shape. Also don't put your yolks all dead center on the whites. Think about how a real fried egg looks, they are never perfect.

Above all HAVE FUN!!!!


  1. Those eggs look good enough to eat and so does the bacon! The little people know how to eat! That's for sure! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. awesome eggs =) mnnn now I want some breakfast for dinner ;P