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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Eggs Benedict for the Dollhouse

This week's project uses some of those mini English muffins we made last week. If you didn't catch that video you can watch it here. This is the perfect place to use some of the English muffins that maybe the texturing didn't turn out as well as you had hoped. We will really only see the sides and a bit of the top (depending on how much hollandaise sauce you add)

I have to admit this is my very favorite breakfast so this one was especially fun for me to make. I did make my son and I the real thing for breakfast the day I filmed too. We decided that we had to make the scarify for the video LOL.

As to the clay colors I used:
For the meat layer I used a bit of the clay that was left over from the Bacon video, I am pretty sure this was the lightest of the clay colors from that project. The directions for that mixture are here. Really though the exact color isn't critical in this just make up a light brownish pink color.

For the egg I used a bit of the white/ translucent mix that I use a lot for food. Just equal parts of the two colors are all you need.

For the sauce I am using Scribbles brand shiny fabric paint. I love the fabric paints for making sauces. They come in a bunch of colors, are realistic in texture and drip-ability. They are my go to product to make sauces of all kinds. They are also inexpensive and a tiny bit goes a long way.


  1. Why is it every time I see your wonderful minis I have to make it to eat ;)

    Thanks for the tut!

  2. Hi Joanne, I have been really enjoying your tutorials for nearly a year now and have decided to let you in on it! You use a lot of my favorite kinds of products and you do it creatively and demonstrate it in an easy and informative way. Keep up the good work!