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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dollhouse Size Table for the Kids

This week we are making a small table for the kids that live in the dollhouse. This project came about because I found some cute little chairs at Dollar Tree (thanks to a ti on one of the mini groups I am on) that were perfect for the kids in the dollhouse. The chairs had originally been a stacking game and since there were only a dollar for 10 kid size chairs I couldn't pass it up. Now that the kids had some chairs I knew that they would need to have a table to sit at. Right?? So this is the table that I came up with to go with them. I know several people have shared with me that they are working on projects like day care centers and the like so I thought this table would be perfect for those settings.

The table top is simply 2 of the wooden rounds that can be found at the craft-store, I used the 3” size. I decided that I would need to glue two of the rounds together both to make it look more realistic and also to accommodate the pegs used for the legs. The legs are simply labeled as 1 ¾” Shaker Pegs. I found that the top of the pegs was just about 7/32” so I was able to use a regular drill to make my holes. After sanding the top I wanted a totally smooth top so I used my favorite Yes glue to add some scrap-booking paper to the top, this was cut to size when the glue dried.

As soon as I looked at the edge of the table it reminded me of the metal edge that some many tables have so a quick coat (or 2) of silver paint and we had a table with a metal edge. I did use my finger to apply the paint, I find I have much more control in areas like this with my finger and I don't have a brush to remember to clean.

After the paint dried I used Mod Podge to coat the table. I sprinkled some various nail are glitters in the wet Mod Podge to add a nice decorative element to the table. When this dried a few more coats of Mod Podge and the glitter was embedded in the table top. I really love the way it turned out. You probably noticed I used my finger to apply the Mod Podge, this was for a couple of reasons. First no brush to clean and secondly no brush marks. I find I can get a much more even coat with my fingers on small areas like this.

I hope you can use one of these tables in your scene.


  1. Wow the table looks fantastic. I love the little chairs.
    Happy 2013.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Great table n chairs! TFS Jess