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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Breakfast Sandwich

This week's project is a really easy breakfast in both mini and real life, the breakfast sandwich. We are again using some of the English muffins we made a few weeks ago, that video is here if you haven't seen it yet.

I think most of us have eaten a breakfast sandwich at some time or another either homemade or from the local fast food joint. I figured your dollhouse family might need to have the same convenience of a quick to grab breakfast. This is a super easy project you can tell that partly by the short length of the video. This would be another great beginner project and a subject that a lot of younger miniaturists can identify with.

Again we are using some left over clays for some of the elements.

For the meat layer I used a bit of the clay that was left over from the Bacon video, I am pretty sure this was the lightest of the clay colors from that project. The directions for that mixture are here. Really though the exact color isn't critical in this just make up a light brownish pink color.

For the egg I used a bit of the white/ translucent mix that I use a lot for food. Just equal parts of the two colors are all you need.

For the cheese I found that some Sculpy III in the color sweet potato was perfect. Also the fact that the clay is so soft won't be a problem in this project. Just use whatever clay you have in a cheesy color. Be sure to roll the cheese layer out very thin to get the melted cheese look.

In fact getting the clay thin enough is probably the hardest part of this project. We are going to have 5 layers by the time we have the sandwich completed. Each layer needs to be thin enough or your sandwich will be way to tall to look believe able.

At the very end it does help to coat just the cheese with some kind of gloss finish to make it look a bit greasy and melted. 


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