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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Online Miniature Groups

Since I am posting my annual video of the opening of my Birthday Swap box from one of my online mini groups I thought this would be a good time to talk about some of those groups.

I am a member of many online groups but I am limiting my discussion here today to the 3 main ones that I belong to and am active in. Most of the others I just read the digests and don't really do much else (that would be lurking)

The groups I belong to are all part of the yahoo groups community. If you aren't familiar with yahoo groups you can check them out online. They are free to join and take part in. There are groups for just about anything you can imagine. Some are great and just like in life some are far from great.

The first group I am going to talk about is Swap Shop (direct link to join) and it is run by my good friend Fern. This is the group that the birthday swap comes from. Fern runs a wonderful swap group and is open to new members. She does have rules but the best swap groups do have rules that need to be followed in order to function. She does swaps every month (except at Christmas) and also has the birthday and a yearly swap too. She runs mostly swaps in 1/12th scale but also has some 1/48th scale swaps running most of the time too. The group is fairly active and always very helpful. I started doing online swaps long before I sold my first mini and it was a wonderful training ground for making minis. If you are just starting out in minis and want to add to your collection swaps are wonderful for that. Especially if you are careful to only sign up for what you are actually collecting for. LOL It is easy to caught up in swapping and sign up for swaps that you will never be able to use. It was through swapping that I was able to hone my skills in making minis especially making multiples of the same item.

The second group is the The Camp (direct link to join) and it is run by the ever present Den Mother (DM for short) this is a huge group that spans the globe. If you have questions this is probably the best place on the web to ask. The members are all skill levels from some rather famous artists to beginners and everyone in between. Everyone there is very helpful and very friendly too.

The third group is the Roomboxes group (direct link to join) also a large group but not as active as Camp. This is actually one I co-own with a good friend, Sherry. Again there are people from all over the world and they are ready to help you whenever you need it. All you have to do is ask.

Joining a yahoo group is pretty easy, you will need to have a yahoo id. If you have a yahoo email address you already have the id if not it is easy to sign up.

I hope to see you on the groups soon. 


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