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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Pancakes

This week I am still in breakfast mode and we are making a stack of pancakes. I found that Fimo's Vanilla color clay was almost a match for the real pancake it just needed to have a touch of white added to bring the color to the correct hue.

Start by thoroughly mixing that clay, then you have to decide how big your pancakes are going to be. Remember pancakes come in all sizes from tiny little “dollar size” to ones that cover the plate. I choose to make mine somewhere in the middle of that range of sizes. For my pancakes that ended up about ½” in diameter I started with a ball of clay about ¼” in diameter so use that as your guide. Really smash the clay down onto the paper plate too, you want them fairly flat to look in scale. Keep your finger coated with the cornstarch too, it will really help in this task.

For the chalk color I find it best to layer the colors starting with the yellow ocher (golden yellow) and working toward brown. It really does make a difference in the quality of the color of the finished pancake (or any food) so take the extra moment to layer.

I did try several different colors of glass stain paint for the syrup. I really do prefer the glass stain paints for this and I used to have the perfect brown for it. When I went to do this project I found the bottle of my favorite “syrup color” was completely dried up. I made a trip to the craft store to re-supply only to find that they no longer carry the off brand paint I had. I checked all the ones available and bought a couple that looked like good candidates for syrup. None of the ones I bought really looked right. I found that by combining my Amber Gallery Glass with my Cocoa Brown Gallery Glass I got a really good syrup color. I do mix Gallery Glass paints all the time, it mixes very nicely and allows you to do so much more with a limited number of colors. Since this is a product I use a lot and I do recommend you buy some of the basic colors it is nice to not have to buy all the colors they have. I would recommend a bottle of Amber, Cocoa brown and one of the reds to start. They will give you a lot of different effects in making mini foods.


  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial and tips about
    the syrup.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Thank you for another great tutorial. That gallery glass is quite a product.