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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Bacon

This week we are continuing with making some breakfast for the dolls in the dollhouse. I thought bacon would be a nice thing to make. And besides I'll use any excuse to eat a slice of bacon. LOL

Bacon is really easy, it just looks complicated. Take a close look it is really just a rectangle and it has some alternating strips of meat and fat. This is one of the times when you really need to either have a piece of bacon or some really good photos to look at for reference. I think my clay colors came out really close to the slice I had. You might find your bacon is slightly different color. That's okay, just match the slice you have as closely as you can.

First we are making the raw bacon then we will make some cooked bacon.

For the raw bacon we need to mix up some clay colors.

The first one we will refer to as Bacon 1- it is the raw fat color and is a mixture of equal parts Fimo white, Fimo translucent and Fimo flesh pink. Mix this well and set aside.

For the next color (bacon 2) we will mix equal parts Fimo Indian red and Fimo terracotta. This color will not be used on its own it is the base for the next 3 colors.

For Bacon 3 (the darkest of the meat colors) mix equal parts Bacon 1 with Bacon 2.
For Bacon 4 mix equal parts Bacon 3 with Bacon 1
For Bacon 5 mix equal parts Bacon 4 with Bacon 1.

You will need to look at your slice of bacon to determine how much of each of these colors you will need.

To make cooked bacon I decided to use the same cane, I just made it a bit smaller and then used both chalk and Amber Gallery Glass to give it the cooked color. 



  1. Your bacon looks fantastic. Thank you so much for all the wonderful tutorials.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Thanks, Joanne! Your bacon looks so real!

  3. Thank you for this tutorial!

    Hello from your newest follower.