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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Repairing and Dressing a Dollhouse Bed

Okay, first off I know this is way long but I had so much I wanted to cover and explain. I hope you all can in through the end and that most importantly you learn things you can use in your mini projects.

This video is the one I was planning to post the week I didn't have a video. I decided to post it as a bonus video this week since I am currently working on two other videos that are both food related.

The bed was given to me by a friend that used to have a mini store. It was broken and therefore not really worth much for sale as it was. I decided to use the opportunity to show you not only how to dress a bed (well one way there are other methods to cover later) but also how to do the simple repairs. Face it, things break and instead of throwing the broken piece away you can do a lot simple repairs yourself. Also sometimes you can save a bunch of money if your local store has an “as is” shelf with broken pieces.

I won't giving you the measurements for the bed spread because that you will have to size to the bed you are using. Just use the one I showed you to see how it worked and draw on to fit your bed.

The pillows were cut the following sizes:

floral- 2 ½” by 5”
dark green- 2” by 4”
light purple- 1 ½” by 3”

The dark purple neck roll pillow
dowel 7/16” by 2”
fabric- 5” by 2”


  1. The bed looks amazing, Joanne! Thank you so much for this most helpful tutorial!

  2. Loved this video and it came at just the right time as I just bought a bed and did not know how to dress it. Could you tell me what sewing machine you use? It looked so easy to change feet and to back stitch.

    1. I use a Janome sewing machine that I have had for many years, it the Memorycraft 3000 model.