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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Interview with Pat Bennet

Today I am taking you along to visit Pat Bennet the owner/ promoter of the Northwest Dollhouse and Miniature Show in Portland Oregon. Pat was so kind to allow us to come to her home on a recent afternoon to talk, laugh and to view her extensive miniature collection. I hope you enjoy sitting in with us as we talk about her show, how she got interested in miniatures and about a new local mini shop.

For more information about the Northwest Dollhouse and Miniature Show follow this link to Pat's site. If you are in our area please drop by and be sure to say hi to us. Pat and I will both be there and would love to know you saw us on the video. The show is October 6 & 7th, 2012 at the Kliever Memorial Armory in Portland, Oregon. Pat has all the information on where and when as well as a coupon for $1 off your admission to the show.

Pat also let me (and all of you) know about a new miniature store in the Portland area, just across the bridge in Vancouver Washington. I'll update this blog with the information as soon as I get it. I debated about it but decided that getting the video up was more important than the details about the shop.

If you can't get to our show please try to find a show that is local to you and attend. The experience is so worth it and you will have a wonderful time. Remember there are a lot of dealers/ artists at the shows that only sell at their local shows.

Most shows, at all the ones I have been attended have a display area where you can see some wonderful displays. Everything from small vignettes to huge dollhouses and all scales too. They are a wonderful place to get inspired for your projects and just to see what others are doing.

So get out there and visit a local show.

And don't forget, if you come to the Northwest Dollhouse and Miniature Show stop by and say hi to both Pat and I. We'll be looking for you!

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  1. Portland is pretty far from here, but I am going to be attending The Toronto dollhouse and Miniature show October 13, in Toronto, Ontario Canada. It will be my first time ever going to that show. looking forward to going.