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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Short Craft Room Tour

As promised I did a short tour of my new craft room/ office for you. I will do another longer more detailed one someday if I ever get organized.

The room used to belong to my daughter as her bedroom. When she moved out I took over the room and started to get it organized into my craft room/ office.

The first thing that I did was to repaint the room in a lovely medium blue. I love the color and how it looks against the white trim in our house.

I will have to decide what to do about the carpet in the room. Right now it is pretty gross. I am going to do a thorough shampoo of it soon but I think I will have to replace it one of these days. It was cheap carpet and it is almost 20 years old. And since my daughter did most of her playing in here it took a lot of abuse. I would really like to have a hard surface floor in here because it would be much easier to maintain with all the stuff I am sure to spill on the floor. However, I am afraid that would not be a good choice since I tape my videos in here. I am really afraid how that I would get a lot of echos if it were a hard surface (one of the other bedrooms in our house has a hard floor and the echos are really bad in there) so for now I am leaving the carpet alone.

Since the floor is already in pretty bad shape I wasn't too worried about spilling when I painted so I did the painting without a drop cloth. That was fine up until the very end thanks to Buddy and Emily. First off, they have a strange relationship for a cat and dog. They are best friends and play together all the time. When Buddy gets tired of Emily's energy he gets up where she can't and the game ends. They were both helping me to paint the room as only pets can help. Then the playing started. I was down on the floor painting the bottom of that wall that has my calendar on it. Buddy ran around several pieces of furniture and the ladder then jumped over my paint tray. Emily came right behind him except she didn't jump. She ran right through the paint tray with both feet on her left side! Thankfully my son was coming down the hall outside the door of the craft room because I yelled to grab Emily and he did as she got to the door. We then had to clean the mess off her paws and there is still a blotch of blue paint that resembles her foot prints leading to the door. I did get most of it out but not quite all of it. Oh well, at least it makes for a good story when people see the spot.

If you follow me on Facebook you also saw the picture of Buddy on the top of the ladder. If I wasn't using the ladder that was where we would find him a lot of the time. There were several times I had to get him down so I could use the ladder. I think he was mad when we put the ladder back outside. LOL

Since the sun was so bright outside when I filmed I had the blinds shut. I did take a picture out the window and included that in the video too. And yes, I do live in the middle of nowhere. The window looks out at the closest paved road that is ¼ mile away across the neighbor’s field.

At the end of the video in addition the picture from my window I added pictures of the current household pets.

Let me tell you a bit about each one:

Rocky is the newest member of the household, he is a hamster and lives on the dresser in my craft room/ office. He seems to be settling in pretty well although we have only had him for a few weeks.

Emily has made a few impromptu appearances in my videos. She is 5 years old (she'll be 6 in just over a month) she is a Papillon and has a really bad habit of sticking her head up from under the table when I work. She thinks if I am sitting down she should be in my lap. She does settle for laying at my feet most of the time though.

Buddy found us, or rather he found my youngest son. He showed up at our door about 4 years ago. After much begging from my son we took Buddy in. The funniest thing was that immediately he and Emily became best friends. They sleep together and play together constantly.

Sasha, is the senior cat of the house. At about 7 ½ years old. We got her as a kitten at about 6 weeks old. She wouldn't stand still for a good picture, but I did the best I could. She spends most of her time sleeping in warm spots and eating. And really just tolerates the rest of us being here.

So that is the tour and the pet introductions I hope you enjoyed the video and this post and I will see you all later.

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