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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Easy Plants For the Dollhouse

Watch this week's video here

This week we are going to make what may be the easiest plants ever for your dollhouse. I start with either a plastic plant designed for use in a home aquarium or simply a very small silk greenery from the craft store. These are cut into manageable size pieces and “'planted” into scale size plant pots.

Personally my favorite material to use as dirt in mini plants is used coffee grounds that have been well dried. If you don't have access to coffee grounds I would recommend using either used and dried tea leaves or some real potting soil (be sure use just the smallest bits, run it through a strainer) Other options include some of the materials available to the model railroad hobby, check out one of their stores some day for some really fun products.

When you pick out your plants to use be sure to look at them carefully. You need ones that have small enough leaves to be in scale. There really are so many choices out there I know you will find some wonderful ones if you look.

So you may be wondering why plants this week. Well, the farm-stand is filling up quickly, there really is no more room inside for more produce. I do have a few more items planned for outside they will come in a few weeks. If you have been following this blog you know I have been working on the greenhouse extension for the main structure. I decided to have plants for sale out there. I have a couple of more plants planned.

When the farm-stand is finished (probably a matter of a few weeks) there will be a special video tour of it.

After this series is done I have some really fun things planned. Oh, and don't worry if you requested produce that hasn't made it to the farm-stand, I will be doing more produce later too. 



  1. Gracias por compartir nuevamente sus trabajos, todos estupendos. Un saludo, Eva

  2. Dear Joanne,

    It are wonderful plants. So realistic. Compliments.
    Kind regards Dorien

  3. I plan to make these in the next couple of days.