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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dollhouse Mini Apples

This week we will try our hand at making some apples for the dolls in the dollhouse to enjoy. After some of the projects that we have already made this summer these are easy! Really just simple balls with stems and colored with artist chalk.

The clay mixture is mostly translucent, (3 parts) with some white (1 part) and just a pinch of yellow (or you could use an equally tiny pinch of green instead). The outside color comes from a brushing of artist chalk. I know some people do make their mini apples from colored clay and that is easier. However, the results are not nearly as life like. The thin coating of chalk gives the skin of the apples the same type of translucency that the real ones have.

As far as different varieties of apples go to the store and find an example of the type you want to make and go from there. Having the apple on the table in front of you makes this so much easier. If you have no access to a real apple get some good pictures and have them handy, not as good but better than nothing. This goes for any food item you are going to make, having the real thing in front of you makes it so much easier. I really can't over emphasize that point.

The farm-stand is getting really full, we will have one more tutorial on a produce item and then that part of the project will be done. I do want to make a few different plants but I'm not sure if I will get to them right away or not.

I will be doing at least one tutorial on some of the outside landscaping that will go around the farm-stand too. Then we will get to have a tour of the farm-stand I hope you will enjoy it.

Where from there? I have some really fun projects planned for the next few months. A lot of different foods (don't worry we will be doing some more fruits and veggies that we missed too) that have been requested. Other non-food projects too. So stay tuned for all of those.

Well, here are the pictures that I took of the apple project (I know they were at the end of the video but here you can look as long as you want or just skip them)

Completed boxes of apples

Now where to put these???

Showing the layer of clay balls to fill the bottom of the box.


  1. Yummie...Yummie !!
    Kind regards Dorien

  2. these are really amazing joanne :) all your fruit and veggies tutorials gave me the idea to make a raised veggie garden, complete with a tiny scarecrow. i'm going to send it to my granddaughter for her dollhouse. it turned out so cute and so easy that now i want to make a bunch of them :) thank you for being such an inspiration :)