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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Potatoes

This week I decided to show you how to make some potatoes. I had 3 varieties in my pantry so that is what I am demonstrating how to make. You can make whatever variety of potato you want although it is easier if you have the potato in front of you.

The basics are going to be the same, so take what I show you on these three and adapt it to your favorite variety.

For the base clay mixture for most of the potatoes I used a combination of equal parts White Fimo and Transparent White Fimo with just a bit of Yellow Ocher Fimo to warm it up a bit. For the Yukon Gold potatoes I replaced the Ocher with some Premo Cadmium Yellow. Be very careful with adding the yellow a little bit goes a long, long way. I ended up with one batch that was way too yellow and had to start over. So be patient and add just a bit of yellow to your white/transparent mixture. Also be aware that the Premo will make your clay mixture much stickier than the straight Fimo.

I decided to use the Artist Loft chalks, which I believe is a Michael's store brand. I find them to be a very useful set of chalks for several reasons. I love the sheer number of colors (36 in my set) and the fact they are not too overly pigmented. I pull out this set of chalk when I want a lighter touch with the chalk application. I actually have several sets of chalks of different brands and use them depending on how much coverage I want to achieve.

In making potatoes remember that they are a product of nature and therefore not perfectly shaped. They are not perfect balls. They have eyes (the spots where roots can grow) they can dents and scars. I found the simple toothpick to be the best tool for adding these spots to my potatoes.

I need to come up with a larger basket for the russet potatoes and made up on really quickly the same way I have been making the smaller baskets. After filling it I find the cardstock was not heavy enough to support the size. I will need to figure out a fix for that soon, or else just stick that basket in a corner of the produce stand.

We now have a lot of variety on produce in our little stand. I will continue to work on some more for a while and then I think we will move on to other things at least for some weeks. I also really need to get the structure of the produce stand built so I know how much produce it will hold.
the red potatoes

Yukon gold

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