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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mini Corn on the Cob

This week I show you how to make some ears of corn for your mini project.

To be honest I wanted the striping on the corn husks to be a lot more subtle and made a test ear with the colors I liked but when I photographed it the husk looked completely one color. So since I am doing these tutorials for you, so you can see what I did I made the decision to make the stripe much more bold. In person they look almost cartoonish but they do show up in the photographs. It is a fair trade I think. So when you make your corn you will have to decide how bold you want the colors in the husks.

The ears of corn themselves are made of Sunflower yellow color soft Fimo. No mixing needed on this one at all. I also use a fun tool to get the look of the corn kernels, a wire mesh strainer. I got mine in the kitchen section of the local Dollar Tree. I actually use the strainer for several different projects so it really is a handy tool. Just don't ever use it for food again after you use it for your clay.

For the silk on the corn I am using some yarn I had on hand for another project. Here are pictures of both the label and color name. I do like to have this yarn on hand for lots of things too. It is cheap (usually under $3 for a mini lifetime supply) and comes in so many colors. I think I will also be using this same color later to make hair for some dolls for the little girl in my dollhouse to play with. If you can't find this I am sure some embroidery floss in a similar color would also work nicely.

For this project we bake the ears of corn multiple times, as long as you stay in the recommended temperature range you can bake your items as many times as you need to. The main reason I like to use multiple bakings is to protect delicate details (like the corn kernels) from being ruined as I add on more details. It would be next to impossible (for me anyway) to add the husks to the ears of corn without smashing the detail. It also helps when we are anchoring bits onto the ear (the silk in this case) so it will behave itself while we add the rest of the bits.

Let's look at those pictures I put at the end of the video a little closer.

First we have Mrs. Doll coming in with the box of fresh corn. 

In this close up you can see how bold the stripe colors are. 
All the produce we have made so far. It is getting to be a good variety already. 

I hope you are enjoying this series of videos. Be sure to check us out on Facebook if you haven't already.

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  1. You are amazing. I made the mushrooms which don't look half as good as yours but I tried and keep telling myself not all mushrooms are pretty except in professional photos or drawings!

    Just keep this up. You are so treasured.

  2. Dear Joanne, I have to tell you that you are an inspiration to all of us who are interested in making 1/12 scale. You explain in detail every step of the way. Thank you and yes you are treasured. Have a great week see you next Sunday.