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Friday, July 6, 2012

Has it really been 2 years???

First I want to thank all of you that read this blog and watch the videos on YouTube and of course those of you that have “liked” the joannesminis' Facebook page. You are all so wonderful and you have no idea how much your support and the wonderful things you say mean to me.

Since it has been 2 years since I started the YouTube channel (July 5, 2010) and posted that first video (the Harrison Tour) I would like to take a few minutes of your time and give you a look inside what has happened and maybe a peak at what might be coming.

Before I posted that first video I had toyed with the idea of making the channel and posting the video tutorials for at least 6 months. Every time I would talk myself into it I would turn around and talk myself back out of it. I am my own worst critic and I was sure no one was going to watch or listen to me. Thanks to some very good close friends I did start the channel. Back then I didn't have a real video camera just my digital still camera. It takes videos but not very good ones and there is so much I couldn't do even if I had known how or what I wanted to do. That was why I did the first 2 videos as picture tours of my dollhouses. After they were up I had to figure out how to take an actual video. I was so nervous, I made sure I was home alone and I made a video. It felt so weird to sit there talking to the camera. LOL And I cringed when I re-watched that video (Ghost) a while back. I have definitely learned a lot in 2 years.

About that same time I had committed to a sales table at the local mini show (another first) and I decided that any profits would go towards a video camera. I was so happy when that camera came in the mail. I did have to learn to use it, then I had to learn to convert the video to a format that my computer could use. All a huge learning curve for me.

I am so glad I did start the channel and start making the videos.

I still remember when I got my first subscriber on YouTube! I was so excited that someone I didn't even know wanted to watch my videos. A year ago I was just reaching 100 subscribers on the channel and now as of the posting of this blog there are 664 subscribers! I wish I could personally thank each and everyone of you.

Some of you have found the Facebook fan page I started, 109 people have liked the page so far. I love being able to talk a little more one on one on Facebook with those of you that have found us. I am hoping more of you will post pictures on the wall showing me (and everyone else) what you are making. I really do want to see your projects too.

This blog is the latest in addition in my way of trying to connect with all of you. I am happy to see that we now have 33 people following the blog. Not bad at all since I just started posting recently on here. I hope to grow this area also along with the YouTube and Facebook portions too.

To celebrate the 2 year birthday of the channel I did a small makeover on the videos. You will find my new logo in the title screen now along with new music. The new video look will start on next Sunday with the video I post then. I hope you enjoy the new music, I tried to pick something light and happy.

I did have to draft my son to help me with the new logo. You can see the finished logo at the end of this post. That is my son, Erik, holding the small house in the silhouette. I did everything from take the picture to the finished product all by myself on it. I am proud of the new logo and hope you like it too. The reason I made it was I needed new business cards and I want to do some screen printed shirts for my daughter and I to wear when we man my table at the upcoming local mini show. I hope the shirts turn out. I'll try to remember to post some pictures of them so you all can see when the time comes.

Now on to what is coming up...
Well, I have tons of ideas for new videos to make and post to YouTube I want to do lots more in the fruit/vegetable series. I need to get started on my produce stand and show you all how to do some new things on it too. And so many other ideas too.

I may get to do an interview with the very nice lady that owns the local mini show too. I am still working out the details on that one. I will also do at least one video at the show too when it comes around (early October)

I am also trying to get some videos done to make into DVDs to sell too. I want to do some more complicated projects for those and I hope to have at least the first one done soon.

Well that is about all for today. Thank you so much for watching and reading and I hope we can continue this for a long time to come.

Be sure to request what you want to see too! 



  1. The Logo is wonderful. Congratulations on your 2 year birthday :)
    Hugs Maria

  2. Dear Joanne, How wonderful to hear it has been 2 years for you and the logo is awesome. Good luck from your mini friend. I also enjoy you reading your are a great writer also. So congrads to you and most of all for sharing your knowledge with all of us.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Thank you for sharing your tutorials. Congratulation to your 2 years youtube channel. I'm happy you are now a blogger. I'm a new follower.
    Hugs from Craftland

  4. CONGRATS! I just found out about you and so glad I have. I can understand your tuts better than any other. I have not started with youtube yet. I tried to get it going all day today with no sucess. Now I read your blog and get encouraged all over again. Thanks