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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mini Yellow Onions

Honestly this week there almost wasn't a video, I was working on several ideas but none of them were coming together the way I wanted. At the last minute on Friday morning I decided to do the yellow onions. I wasn't totally pleased with the end result but they are close.

Maybe it would help to give you all a bit of insight into how I come up with the projects that I do in the videos.

Once a topic is decided upon (in this week's case the onions) I first go through my collection of items I have made in the past and look at any I have made in the past. I then look through my notes ( I have stacks of notes both in notebooks and on note-cards in a file box) of how I have made things. Next I go through my ridiculously large collection of books and magazines that have miniatures in them to see how other people make the item. My next stop is to look for pictures of the item both online and in my files of saved pictures. Then I pull out the real thing if at all possible. I then start playing with all of these ideas and come up with how I do it, sometimes my method will be close to something I read and sometimes I go completely my own way.

With today's onions I found several projects in my search. I also had some I had made about 5 or 10 years ago. Unfortunately I must have assumed that the process was obvious because I couldn't find any notes on how I had made mine. By closely examining them I was able to figure it out for the most part and I am confidant that these are made the same way.

Several of the instructions I found in my collection had you start with a cane of the caramel color clay and add the thin snakes of the other colors to it. I have to agree that would be a lot faster but I think you loose a lot of the translucency of the skin that way. To me they just look to heavy when done that way. I like the look of using the very thin skin of striped clay over the light color core.

As I was editing the video this week I noticed that I forgot to tell you to get out a real onion and really look at it before you begin. I did have 4 onions in a bowl on my work table to refer to as I worked. That really is helpful when you are making food, try to have a model on hand.

Okay, lets talk about those pictures that I added to the end of the video:

Here we have Mrs. Doll bringing in a basket filled with the onions.
I think the completed basket looks fairly good, I ended up with enough onions to fill two baskets. LOL 

Now where on the table should she put them?

I really need to start on the building so I can make the display tables that will be in there. I really need the building at least partly done so I can judge the size of the tables more accurately. I have a pretty good idea of what they will look like and how they will go together I just need to get the size so I can start. 
A close up of the basket of onions. 

This is a different basket than I showed you how to make last week. I will get a video done later on for this one too. 

Be sure to request what you want to see on the videos. 

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